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Welcome to the genH Coalition website!!

genHkids is a non-profit, volunteer-driven coalition with a straightforward MISSION:

Create a generation of healthy kids through education, empowerment, improved nourishment, and increased daily physical activity, thereby reducing the incidence of childhood obesity and its detrimental health effects.

The genHkids Coalition is striving to improve the health of every child in our community and, by extension, their families. We work tirelessly, knowing that Healthy Bodies translate into Healthy Minds, Healthy Behavior, and a Healthy Future for our children and our nation!

Founded by Kemia Sarraf, M.D., M.P.H, in collaboration and partnership with a wide array of local professional organizations, philanthropic associations, public health institutions, businesses and educational establishments, genHkids has generated tremendous excitement in the region with its hands-on, grassroots approach to improving child health. The genHkids Coalition is comprised of health professionals, educators, fitness experts, nutritionists, parents, and other concerned citizens, all dedicated to creating generation Healthy!

The genHkids Call To Action:

Goals & Objectives of genHkids

Join Us!

One program at a time, one family at a time, and one child at a time -- the genHkids Coalition is working tirelessly to create generation Healthy! Join us in taking immediate and decisive steps to ensure the health, safety, and success of the next generation: help us create generation Healthy!

Our Founder and President, Dr. Kemia Sarraf, has been nominated for the Health Activist Hero Award in this year's WEGO Health Activist Awards! We are so proud of Dr. Sarraf and all of her efforts toward educating the public about the health crisis resulting from poor childhood nutrition and inactive lifestyles. Please show your support and click on the link below to endorse Dr. Sarraf for the Health Activist Hero Award!

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