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Since 2008, genHkids has actively supported our children, schools, families and community, positively impacting young lives and helping to shape a better future for local children and their families. We continue to advance our mission — to create a generation of healthy kids through education, empowerment, improved nourishment and increased physical activity — through programs and events that are designed to get children and their families to Eat Real and Move More!

Together with our team of volunteers, Anchor Partners and other community supporters, genHkids has created and implemented education, physical activity and nutrition programs that reached nearly 25,000 children and more than 5,000 parents, educators, health professionals and community leaders.

This year, we are launching several new programs, all of which have been developed at the request of schools that we serve.  The reception of these programs have been phenomenal!  People recognize the importance of genHkids’ programming and see the positive impact they make in our community, and as a result we are inundated with requests for our programs and services.

We are only able to continue to grow and increase our reach with the support of generous donors like you.  genHkids is primarily funded through small local donors, and your continued support is crucial to our longevity and future success  With your help, school and community gardens will be built, nutritious food will be prepared, children will know what it means to be healthy, they will be more active, and entire communities will be empowered to make the decisions that lead to happier, healthier lives.

A journey can be completed with small steps as well as with great strides.

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Larissa Hansen
Executive Director, genHkids

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