1 out of three children in Illinois are overweight or obese
Fewer than 20% of children meet the recommended 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity
Children are averaging 1-3 hours less sleep per day than they did 30 years ago
Children ages 8-18 average 7.5 hours per day with entertainment media

The children of this generation are on the path to a shorter life expectancy than their parents; our habits – poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, and inadequate sleep – are profoundly affecting our children, and will significantly impact both the quality and quantity of their lives. Poor lifestyle decisions are currently shortening lives at a greater rate than accidents, homicides and suicides combined. The solution is quite simple: we need to encourage our children to Eat Real and Move More.

In addition to impacting our childrens’ health, good nourishment and plenty of active play profoundly impacts academic performance.  Children who are well nourished, well rested, well hydrated and offered plenty of opportunity to get up and Move More throughout the day perform significantly better academically, socially and behaviorally. Unfortunately, the majority of our children suffer significant and chronic sleep deprivation and “play deficiency.”  This leads to poorer academic outcomes, and lifelong consequences economically, socially and medically.

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Donate as part of #ILGiveCommunity (May 30 and 31)

#ILGIVE logo#ILGive Community is a one-day, statewide movement to do good in our own communities. By giving locally we can have a major impact on the causes we care about most while building a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Illinois.  genHkids is pleased to be participating in this statewide giving day!

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Purchase tickets for the Lincoln Land Charity Championship (June 19-25)

Lincoln Land Charity ChampionshipgenHkids is pleased to be a recipient of proceeds from ticket sales from the Lincoln Land Charity Championship!  The event will take place from June 19th through the 25th.  Tickets are only $10 and are available for grounds access Thursday through Sunday.

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