Eat Real At School

We envision schools where . . . 

  • Children gather in the cafeteria twice daily to consume nutritious and delicious foods prepared from-scratch
  • Cafeteria chefs and coaches chat with and teach children about what they’re eating, and encourage them to try new foods
  • Every calorie served the children is nutritive, nourishing their growing bodies and minds

What is Eat Real at School?

The genHkids Eat Real at School program is comprised of two major components.  Schools can select one or both of these to begin the process of transforming their cafeterias:

From Scratch Meal Guidance:  School menus are the perfect way to introduce children to healthy nutrient dense foods.  The guidance component of our Eat Real at School program is designed to provide nutrition education, skills training, menu planning and daily menu “lesson plans” to food service personnel in schools.  genHkids aids schools and districts in the transition from a processed, “heat and serve” fast food menu to a nutritious, fresh and seasonal from-scratch menu.

Cafeteria Design and Coaching:  In order to affect change, we recognize that we must transform school cafeterias into additional classroom environments, educating children about the food on their trays and encouraging the consumption of fresh, new offerings.  No program will be sustainable unless children are empowered to make their own best choices, so this component of the Eat Real at School program is designed to encourage children to think about what they are eating, and to step outside of what they may be comfortable with.