Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are brief activities (1-5 minutes each) designed to get students up and moving vigorously, thus increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to students’ brains. These activities recharge students’ brains and puts them in a ready-state for learning, giving students an academic boost. Each Brain Break concludes with 30-45 seconds of cool-down yoga breathing to settle children (and teachers!) as well as a mantra, “Back to Back, Bottom to Bottom, Belly to Table” to get students back in their seats and back on task.

genHkids BBs are educational tools for regular classroom teachers to use at their discretion throughout the school day. genHkids has created more than one hundred different Brain Breaks from which to choose, and genHkids Physical Activity Team Volunteers are trained to select the best genHkids BBs for each grade level K-6.

After an initial 20-30 minute classroom demonstration, volunteers are available to visit the classroom on a regular basis and demonstrate new genHkids BBs. Action Team members will also create customized Brain Breaks to use with a specific lessons, capitalizing on children’s kinesthetic learning abilities.

To date, genHkids volunteers have facilitated thousands of Brain Breaks in schools throughout the area. This program has been greatly successful and generated tremendous excitement from both teachers and administrators as an effective and creative teaching tool and curb for unwanted behavior. In fact, genHkids Brain Breaks were so useful they led to the creation of an expanded program — genHkids JumpStart!

Interested in seeing what Brain Breaks can do for your students? It’s easy to get started! Just contact us to schedule an introduction to genHkids Brain Breaks during a faculty meeting. Following the faculty meeting, teachers may sign up for a 20-30 minute classroom demonstration by genHkids staff or a member of the Physical Activity Action team.  You can also schedule an in-service or classroom visit at our online booking calendar.

Wait! Brain Breaks are not just for school! Brain Breaks can also be used to increase creativity and productivity in the workplace, and parents can use Brain Breaks at home as a way to increase before or after-school physical activity, to recharge their children during homework, or create a distraction from unwanted behavior.

Check out our Brain Break book!

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