Fuel Up

For student athletes, there is so much more to nutrition than just calories.  Regardless of the type of sport, young athletes and children need to consume carbohydrates, protein and fat on a regular basis in order to keep their bodies performing at their peak.  What many young athletes may not realize, however, is that the source of those carbohydrates, proteins and fats can make a huge difference in how they feel during and after practices and how they perform in competitions.

Fuel Up is an educational program offered to teams and organizations.  By educating young athletes about nutrition as fuel for their bodies, we can empower children to make smart choices when it comes to what they eat both during competition season and beyond.

Students will hear sport-specific advice from a Registered Dietitian about how they can impact their performance through nutrition, and our chef will discuss and then demo and sample good food choices for both training and on game day.

For more information, or to schedule a Fuel Up for your group, please contact us!