Recess Toolbox

Recess is a huge opportunity to get kids to move more through play. Unfortunately, due to a variety of issues, kids are playing outside less in general and may not be familiar with some of the traditional recess games. Play helps children develop in so many ways! In addition to the obvious health benefits of being active, play can develop many social-emotional skills that will benefit children throughout their lifetime.

genHkids’ Recess Toolbox program offers schools a way to re-structure their recess to maximize the amount of time kids have to be active! From the initial analysis to the final structure, genHkids staff and volunteers provide support for the school staff and students to encourage students to be active and play during their recess times, as well as expand their creativity and social skills as children are encouraged to create their own games.

After an initial review, genHkids will make recommendations to help ensure that recess is an active time.  Our staff and volunteers will help implement activities in various stations in the play area for the children to choose from. The stations range from being completely structured (a staff member or volunteer directing and requiring participation), to somewhat unstructured (staff or volunteer initial direction), and total free-play (normal supervision). genHkids can train school’s personnel and can also supplement staff during the implementation period with genHkids volunteers in order to adequately meet the needs of staff and students. We will also help secure equipment needed.